Top Flooring Trends in 2024


Your Essential Inspiration

Interior trends are always changing, but as we approach the halfway point of the year it’s clear that some kinds of flooring are well and truly enjoying their moment in the sun. From parquet floor blocks to lovingly restored wooden flooring, here’s what property owners are looking for from their floors in 2024.

Lighter Shades

There’s been a real rise in demand for lighter wood shades, and a paler wood floor is the ideal choice for those looking to create a contemporary, clean look in their home. Lighter woods look great in both light and dark colour schemes and are a great base for property owners who like to change the look of a space frequently. They also have the added bonus of making a room look brighter and airier.

Vintage Vibes

Restored wood flooring has always been popular with our customers, and it continues to be seen on the pages of home magazines and your favourite interior inspo accounts. If you live in an older property and are lucky enough to have original wood floors, it makes much more sense to restore those to their former glory than to add a floor that might not suit the property. If any boards are damaged, we can replace them and ensure they match perfectly.


Parquet, herringbone – whatever you call it, it’s here to stay. Whether you’re restoring your existing parquet floor or investing in a new one, you’ll find that it offers an elegant, timeless look. The great thing about parquet flooring is that it can be totally customised to suit your preferences. If you want blocks with plenty of knots and markings, you’ll find just as many options as ‘cleaner’ parquet flooring with less nuance and colour variation.

Statement Floors

Flooring used to be seen as something of an afterthought, with walls being where you could express yourself with colour and pattern. Those days are gone, though! Statement floors are the perfect way to be more experimental and adventurous with your decor. Contrast is very in right now, and pairing two different styles, colours or patterns allows you to create a real focal point. What about parquet flooring using light and dark blocks or a border around the edge of the room?

Warm Tones

Last but not least comes the demand for warm, earthy tones. This isn’t just in relation to flooring – property owners are looking for warm shades when it comes to walls, furniture and accessories, too. It’s a great way to make your space feel cosier and more welcoming. Look for flooring that has a rich, orange-tinged hue; or if you aren’t ready for a new floor, opt for a bespoke rug in a deep, natural shade.

We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re keen to tap into some of the above trends or you’re happy to chart your own path when it comes to your flooring, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Just get in touch with our team today, or pop into our Design Centre for a chat!