Bespoke Flooring


The Home of Craftsmanship and Endless Customisation

We are West One Wood Flooring, the UK home of quality bespoke wood flooring. Working with home and business owners, we get to know each customer so that we can bring the vision they have for their property to life. No matter your style, we’ll be able to install wood flooring that perfectly complements your interiors – and that stands the test of time!Want to find out more about us and our bespoke wood flooring? Here is everything you need to know:

Why Go Bespoke?

Here at West One Wood Flooring, we have redefined the concept of flooring by offering a fully bespoke service, with wood floors that are meticulously crafted to your unique specifications. Our commitment to excellence can be seen from the initial design phase to the final installation, with even the smallest details given the care and attention they deserve. By choosing a bespoke floor, you are making an investment that is the most perfect fit for your property and your needs.



Handmade to Perfection

When you choose us, you are opting to work with a team who have truly mastered the art of creating stunning wooden flooring. Each plank is carefully handcrafted to meet your exact specifications, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will make your property the envy of everyone who visits.

Custom Unique Flooring Installation

We understand that your space is as unique as you are, and will come with its own set of challenges. That’s why we go beyond providing off-the-shelf solutions and offer custom installations tailored to your specific requirements. From the choice of wood type to the layout patterns, we collaborate fully with you to make your dreams a reality.

Colour, Finish & Style Matching

With an extensive range of finishes and a palette of beautiful colours for you to choose from, our bespoke wooden flooring allows you to express your style and personality. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless finish or want to make a bold style statement, we have the skill and creativity to meet your needs. We can also match your new floor to existing flooring.

Complex and Intricate Flooring Designs

We thrive on pushing the boundaries of conventional flooring, and love to create visually stunning patterns and designs that become the focal point of any space. We deal with all kinds of requests at West One Wood Flooring, and rather than seeing bespoke orders as a challenge we see it as an opportunity to surpass ourselves once again.

We’re Here to Help

To find out more about us and how a bespoke wood floor could transform your home or business premises, please do get in touch with our customer service team today. Whether you’re ready to proceed right away or you want us to answer some questions, you can count on our advisors to give you all the information you need. So why delay? Contact us today, and we’ll take it from there.