Magnetic Flooring Essex


Versatile Floors to Suit Any Property

Magnetic floors in Essex are something of a recent arrival on the interior design scene, but one that is proving to be really popular with property owners all over the county. As you may have guessed from the name, magnetic flooring uses magnets to adhere the flooring surface to the underfloor of your property, rather than glue or nails. This is achieved through an innovative magnetic underlay, which is attracted to the components in the flooring.

About Magnetic Flooring

Magnetic flooring is a relatively recent development in interior design, and one that more and more of our customers are becoming interested in. As the name suggests, magnetic flooring uses magnets rather than materials such as glue or nails to stick the flooring surface to the underfloor of your home. How is this achieved? A special magnetic underlay is used, which is attracted to the components in the flooring.

Here are just a few of the benefits of magnetic flooring:


Magnetic wood floors allow you to reconfigure a space really easily, as the floorboards can be removed or repositioned in no time at all. This has made it popular in a huge range of settings, from homes to commercial spaces where the layout needs to be changed on a regular basis. Magnetic flooring puts you in total control.


We’re so proud of our magnetic flooring range. Made up of a huge variety of patterns, floorboard sizes, colours, and finishes, there really is an option to suit everyone. Whether you are renovating a period home or a modern residence, you’ll love what we have to offer.

Ease of Maintenance

Magnetic flooring comes into its own in the event of any maintenance or repairs. If one board needs replacing, you can remove that without causing any damage to the rest of the floor. Magnetic flooring also makes getting underneath your floor really straightforward as well.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Magnetic flooring doesn’t use glue, allowing you to cut down on any potentially harmful materials used in your renovation. Magnetic floors are also incredibly durable too, so you won’t need to replace yours with brand new flooring in just a few years.

Why Choose Us?

We’re one of the most experienced specialists in magnetic flooring in Essex, and our team will ensure that your new floor doesn’t just look the part but meets the needs of you and your property as well. Add to that our great prices, and it is easy to see why we come so highly recommended by property owners all over Essex.

We’re Here to Help

To find out more about us and why ours is the magnetic base flooring Essex property owners love, then please do get in touch or visit our Design Centre today. We’re on hand to talk you through all of the options available to you, giving you total confidence in your final choice.